Monday, April 28, 2008

That's When We Reach for OUR Revolvers!

Mission of Burma - Live at MIT on WMBR (2-14-82) Part 1
Mission of Burma - Live at MIT on WMBR (2-14-82) Part 2

Mission of Burma. Jeepers. I came to them through the backdoor. I heard Roger Miller's solo work before I ever heard any MoB. Remember the Maximum Electric Piano! That was incredible stuff, on record definitely but live - simply astounding. Roger was a one-man band on that thing, whether he was jamming "King of the Road" or "Space Is the Place," he'd grab you by the ears and take you along for the ride.

Roger's a heckuva nice guy, too. Very approachable fellow. Talked to him after every show back in the 80s, about music, about beer, important stuff, bought stuff from him, etc. One Wednesday night he played O'Cayz Corral - stunning as usual! - and Friday night, while I'm sitting at the bar waiting for Salem 66 to play (and nobody freakin' showed up to see them!) in comes Roger and his soundman/accomplice, Russ. They were coming back from Minneapolis and wanted to see their buddies play - that's nice! So we sat like civilized folk and watched a great band and drank and talked a little and a good time was had by all. (To Roger - GAH!)

But this is about 'Burma, not Roger. If you, like me, are worried that old bands reuniting automatically means rotten new albums, cast your fears aside, brothers and sisters! Go, now, and buyeth shit from the mighty Mission of Burma - The Obliterati is probably the best album they've ever made. It will damage you in very good ways. You will ask for another, sir, another.

NOTE: Yes, I have my ripping problems fixed but it's not an elegant fix. Takes me about five times as long to rip a disc now, but at least they are without errors and at 320. For future notice, I have "themes" planned for coming weeks. I hope you like them.

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The Meat Beetles said...

This Meat Beetle has been away for a while. Glad to see you're back up and running.

I moved to Boston in 1981. What a time to arrive! MoB, The Dark, Young Snakes, Native Tongue, M, 21-645, gawd there were just so many good bands in those years. What a time and place to be alive!

The first time I saw the Missions was at a basement club in Allston called The Underground (later converted to a laundromat by the building's owner, Boston University). I had to leave halfway through there set. They were great and I loved the music, but the volume was so high that it was literally hurting my ears (Roger would soon pay a price for that high volume!).

Anyway, thanks for posting this. I'm sure it will bring back many fond memories.

gomonkeygo said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sir TMB - and thanks for sharing the story. I appreciate it. Getting people to remember a bit of their history, perhaps of the sense of community that they may have shared with others, is part of what I want to do with this blog.

I've been waiting a long time for "My Generation" to come into its own and I think it's just about that time. Remembering the past is essential to building the future, whether we're talking music or politics.

Have a great day!