Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Step Up & Do Something, Senator!

There's a brouhaha a-brewin' in West Virginia over the possible disenfranchisement of independent voters. Seems that if you are an independent and go to vote early, you will not be notified that the touch screen you will vote on is not programmed to let you vote for a Presidential candidate! You have to ask for a Democratic or Republican ticket, as an independent, if you want to vote for President in the primary. And the Secretary of State is saying that two words in the legal code make this okay, that these voters don't have to be told this in advance. Read the whole story over here.

Anyway, there's a simple solution to this problem, which won't be fixed by the WV Sec. of State, obviously:

The Obama campaign has to crack open that ol' war chest and spend some of those millions on advertisements - TV, radio, print - informing the independent electorate of the situation. This'll get media coverage of the situation, too, that it may not otherwise get. They can also approach the elected officials of West Virginia and talk all the legal talk they want to about it, but this is a simple outside-the-box solution. And I bet it'll bring thousands of new voters to Obama, grateful that his campaign tok the leadership initiative on this issue. McCain and Clinton won't.

This is a great "leadership moment" for Obama. Let's see if anything happens.

Vote Obama!

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