Friday, April 4, 2008

The Meatballs Were Excellent

The Rain Parade - Live at Bunky's, Madison, WI (11/8/84) Part 1

The Rain Parade - Live at Bunky's, Madison, WI (11/8/84) Part 2

My family celebrated my twelfth birthday with dinner at Pino's, an Italian basement restaurant in downtown Madison. Considering my Dad hated everything Italian, foodwise, it was pretty cool we got to go there. I'm sure he had a steak. (He knew the owner, I remember, but he knew lots of people. Madison was a pretty small city when he was growing up in it and by the late 70s he'd been a businessman in it for a quarter of a century. You get to know people that way.)

Upstairs of Pino's was Bunky's, which is what Pino's used to be called. If you want to be less confused, read about it here. Anyway, Bunky's was now a "nightclub" - a term always a little too glamorous for Madison, I think. Especially in the 70s. I remember looking up the stairs to the club and wondering what it was like, what kind of stuff happened in a "nightclub"?

A few years later I found out, when Bunky's started to host punk shows. I saw quite a few there - it was a good venue. Big and open with a low, large stage and an excellent real dance floor (vestiges of nightclub glory, one supposes). I saw Mojo Nixon (right after his second album came out I think - first was best). I saw The Mekons. I saw a lot I can't remember. I saw dozens of local bands.

But I didn't see this show. Damn.

NOTE: Another show I missed, that same fall, was The Church. My buddy Doug and I actually made it to the door - it would have been my first show at Bunky's - but the cover was ten bucks. Ten bucks! for a punk show! in 1984! That was all we had between us. We were disappointed kids that night.

I've been told The Church were also taped. Wouldn't be surprised if by the same person. I talked to a guy who was at the show and he remembers another guy with a taping unit. If anyone has it...please?


caveman said...

I just wanna say a BIG Thanks for your excellent postings on your blog!!My god..Opal,Rain Parade,Plasticland,Feelies,Dream
Syndicate...YES,that's my cup of tea.It's also a great pleasure to
read your thoughts about the beginning of your musical education(very entertaining,go on with that)and happenings from your life in
general.I'm from germany,and it's always interesting,to get honest
information from a real existing
person with similar taste in music.
If I had a beam I would come over
and buy you a beer or two....

gomonkeygo said...

Hey, Caveman! Thanks for coming by and thanks for the thoughts. If you like what you've heard so far, stick around. I got some really neat stuff coming up soon. Buy yourself a beer, okay, have it for me!

Anonymous said...

How cool is this? Dumptruck, Rain Parade, Green on Red. I discovered this site last week and have downloaded at least half of it so far. Keep up the great work!

gomonkeygo said...

Glad you're enjoying yourself, glad you found this...thing...I do. Keep coming back - try to do about three new music posts per week. Got something really good coming up this week!

Jeff said...

oh man, the Rain Parade were one of the best live bands I've ever seen - just an incredible live sound back then.. I've got a couple of tapes of them myself, from the shows I saw..

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