Friday, April 18, 2008

From Nunn, To You

The following is from an Obama campaign press release about the two newest endorsements he has received, from former Senators Sam Nunn and David Boren, highly recognized foreign policy experts in the Democratic fold.

* * *

Former Senator Sam Nunn said, "America remains the strongest nation in the world, but we can only be successful in tackling our toughest problems if we gain cooperation at home and abroad. Our next president - working across party and economic lines - must restore and strengthen our national purpose, our credibility, our competence and our spirit.

· We have developed a habit of avoiding the tough decisions and seemingly lost our ability to build consensus to tackle head-on our biggest challenges.

· Demonizing the opposition, oversimplifying the issues, and dumbing down the political debate prevent our country from coming together to make tough decisions and tackle our biggest challenges.

· Solving America's problems will require difficult choices and sacrifices and leaders capable of considering new ideas from both political parties.

· On foreign policy and security policy, we must recognize that we are not limited to a choice between belligerency and isolation and that we must listen to lead successfully on the key issues facing America and the world.

· Our next president must also recognize that the battle against violent terrorists, while requiring a prudent use of military power, is also a long-term contest of psychology and ideas.

* * *

Imagine this kind of President, this kind of Presidency. Imagine the American people taking back the reins of control of our government by the simple act of voting this November.

This election has gone far beyond getting rid of Bush and Company. It's become about re-imagining American reality. That takes effort, hard work - but the ideas and visions about the new possible America that Senator Obama wants us to share with him are already starting to work. You can say that Nunn and Boren are being typical old-school pols, sucking up to the next center of power via their endorsements, but I think the above says differently. I think it says that they - or Nunn, at least - have looked deeply at the difficulties and problems we are facing and decided to put their names and their experience and their energies toward solving these difficulties and problems. Bravo, guys, bravo!

Vote Obama!

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Nazz Nomad said...

This whole thing is gonna get very interesting. Clinton can't win, and she's willing to destroy Obama. If Hillary does slime her way into the nomination, she is unelectable in November anyway. And McCain is too depressing for words.

As my son asked me..."Is Bush the worst President ever"? My answer was..."I hope so".