Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weird Reasons to Vote for Obama #2

Kids in the White House!

Yeah! How wonderful it'll be to have a couple of little girls running around the White House - maybe they'll want a goat to play with like Tad and Willie Lincoln did! (They also wanted a cannon, but that's another story).

I just watched one of Obama's Pennsylvania ads and was touched by the footage of him with his wife and girls on the bus. It's just a brief second or two, but the obvious love in this family shines through. Yesterday I read a blogger who wrote about Obama making a building full of Very Important People (ie, jerks) wait while he called home to say goodnight to his daughters. That's a good Dad, people.

Finally, as a teacher and a parent, I'm certain that education will be an important issue to the parent of two grade-school girls. I know that, as parents, it's one of the most frequent conversation topics between my wife and I - and I bet it is in the Obama household, too. It's a conversation I'd really like to have with him. If he wins, maybe we all can.

Vote Obama!

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