Friday, August 29, 2008

The End Is So Freakin' Nigh

The kitties are having a grand time, listening to Julian Cope and kittie-boxing (after bear-baiting, the number one local sport) and I'm laughing my ass off. Why?

Because God has abandoned the Republican Party. Now, God don't exist we all know, but the Republicans pretend to believe in Him for political reasons, naturally. And now it's like they've got a Blackberry message from Above - "F@#K Off!"

First, despite their pleas for rain and a washout of Obama's speech last night, the Non-Almighty didn't step up for them. Now, it appears He's threatening New Orleans with destruction again. Bastard. If ever there was a non-existent Sign, this is it. They need to cut and run, give up and hide, flee to the hills, join the Democratic party or something. Jeebus don't love 'em anymore.

But Raptor Jesus do!

(Click on the picture at top to see it embiggened).

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