Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting Some Tongue

Yo La Tengo - Live at Binghamton Univ., NY (5/8/92) Part 1
Yo La Tengo - Live at Binghamton Univ., NY (5/8/92) Part 2

I used to think that the "Tengo" in "Yo La Tengo" had something to do with a "tongue." I dunno why. Stuppid? Probably. Monolingual? Pretty much.

I don't have much to say about YLT. Love 'em. Never seen 'em live. Wish I could. Great guitars, great songs. Remember how excited my oldest brother was with the first album. He taunted me for ages with it, always keeping it just out of earshot. I think I waited a year to finally hear it. Family games.

Enjoy and buy shit!


raindogzilla said...

Yo La Tengo was(is?) awesome live. Back when my roommates and I provided the unofficial lodging for touring bands coming through Lexington, YLT stayed with us twice. Real cool folks, hipsters, really. I had a real crush on Georgia and, just like the ones I had for Clair from BBQ Killers, one of the girls from Glass Eye, Jane, the cellist from Tiny Lights, Leslie from Throwing Muses, Sylvia Juncosa, and others too numerous to mention, it went joyously unrequited. I am legally prohibited from commenting on my infatuation with .45 Grave's Dinah Cancer and don't get me started on Texacala Jones...

Thanks for the slip of the tongue.

raindogzilla said...

Oops, it's criminal to have left out Sally Timms.