Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Serious Reasons Not to Vote for John McCain...I've Lost Track Now, There Are So Many

The entire world knows John McCain is an American hero. But please read this articulate piece on why that has no bearing on his possible Presidency. And how it may even be a disadvantage.

Who wrote it? A Naval Academy classmate and good friend of John McCain, who also was a POW during the Vietnam War - for years longer than McCain. Dr. Butler is also, like McCain, a highly decorated veteran. In fact, he's received more military accolades than Senator McCain for his service. This is no left-wing blogger hit job. This is truth speaking. Listen.

And, if you can ever get to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, please go. It is beautiful and reserved and moving and the single most appropriate public response to war we have in this country.

Vote Obama!


krid said...

Wow. So now distinguished military service doesn't make the candidate more attractive. Hmmm. Has John Kerry gotten that memo yet? I gotta admire how you lefties are able to turn 180 degrees one election cycle to the next. Oh yeah, I forgot: that's because you have no principles.

gomonkeygo said...

Hiya, krid: Personally, I don't think "distinguished military service" has any bearing on the job of the President. (Look at Lincoln - his "service" was minimal at best. Look at FDR - never served at all. Look at Reagan - too nearsighted, a trait I share with him, to do anything but clerk around.) Never thought so with Kerry at all. Only reason it was an issue then was that the Rove smear machine decided to lie about his military service. And Kerry was totally ineffectual at rebutting those lies.

And welcome to the Disease. Please come back.

gomonkeygo said...

Aye - I didn't even mention Bush's "service"!

krid said...

So Kerry's "reporting for duty" line opening his convention speech 4 years ago... that was the "Rove smear machine," eh? Alrighty then.

Kerry couldn't rebut John O'Neill and the swiftboat vets for the same reason that no one (including Kerry) has been able to since the book came out: every word is true.

It'll be very interesting in 2016 (or '12 if McCain doesn't seek a 2nd term), when the GOP nominates a "community organizer" with no executive experience who can't speak without a teleprompter and refuses to denounce the former abortion clinic bomber with whom he's been friendly for 20 years. Of course, you'll try and do your 180 again then, but by hyping Obama (and ignoring his Weather Underground terrorist buddy Bill Ayers) now, you're making it very difficult for yourselves to denounce that nominee in the future, I'm sorry to say.

It'll never happen, though, because Republicans deal with terrorists (even right-wing ones) with lethal injections (Timothy McVeigh), not tenured professorships at universities (Bill Ayers).