Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sanity (Non-Single Malt Variety)

Lots of crap comes off the ol' Intertubes daily, but this one has a sweet smell and a glossy shine to it. Just have to share.

Judge Says UC Can Deny Religous Course Credit

Wow. A judge, basing a legal decision on concepts like "critical thinking" and "history" (who told this bastard that was allowed!) has rejected the claims of the religious right that their faith-based science is a legitimate educational tool. I could cry. If Jesus hadn't stolen my tears to cure cancer.

Don't worry, though, the Godlings will appeal this. Hell, even John McCain thinks this is a Christian nation. I guess that private elitist school he went to didn't teach him too good, did it?

All hail Raptor Jesus!


Ed said...

Oh my gods. Is that "Jesus on a dinosaur" bit for real? What the hell! I nearly spewed my beverage (non-single malt variety) all over my monitor when I saw that. Where did you find it? Can I use it? I'll give you credit for finding it, of course.

Say, you left a comment on my little blog where you mentioned that you were thinking of changing your layout. I thought I'd take this opportunity to point out that the font-size you're using is so small that I have to do the old "Command+" trick in order to make it big enough that I can read it (works on a Mac, anyway). If you do change it, I'd like to suggest that you use a larger font.

gomonkeygo said...

I found the coloring book image by doing a Google image search on "raptor Jesus" - my personal Savior. You'll find several "interesting" pictures that way.

I changed the font and font size, just to see if it's better. I was just tired of ol' Courier. My original intent was to make the ugliest blog possible in terms of colors and fonts. Then people said they liked it. Damn.