Monday, August 4, 2008

Yeah. Right.

By now you've probably seen that last doozey of a McCain ad. The one calling Obama "The One" - a sentiment I heartily endorse. But what do they mean? What "One" are they talking about? (Sorry but I'm not wasting my blog space on replaying this one if you haven't see it; ain't worth it).

My take: This is more McCode. First they call him "arrogant" and "uppity" - yes, the cranky, tired old white males are calling the bursting with vitality younger black male "uppity"! Oldies but goodies, eh? Second, they call him "The One"! This is very interesting, very Bush/Rove, because it speaks in code to white evangelicals, one of the toughest of the Republican bases for McCain to crack. He just hasn't been speaking their language, until now.

In crazy Christian code, "The One" equals "The Anti-Christ." I've been getting forwarded anti-Obama hate emails for months saying this about him and I've been wondering how long it would take for this bit of religious bigotry to percolate up from the slime vats. Sooner than I thought, actually. I guessed post-convention.

The good side of this ad is that it shows how incredibly desperate and scared the McCain campaign is. The bad side is that, like their recent racist attacks, it means they will go as low as they need to during this contest. Pardon me while I vomit.

[Here's a pretty tame blog about Obama and Christianity. I cannot understand how any person that calls themselves Christian, especially if you are a Fundamentalist, would not believe that Obama is such when he declares himself to be one. To say he his lying is to say that you and every other person of faith who makes a public declaration of their belief in Christ is also lying. Basically, it says Christianity is a joke, a false religion. Maybe I should be glad that they are finally admitting it?]

Vote Obama!

UPDATE: I didn't see this article yesterday, or I probably wouldn't have bothered with my own. But confirmation that one is not the only crazy in the world kinda feels good. And, in the OMFG Category, the next upcoming Obama smear is...INFANTICIDE! Go Team McCain! It must be easy, once you've abandoned your principles like McCain has. to say "Hey, I think calling Obama the Anti-Christ and a baby-killer would be Jim Dandy - or is that Jim Crow?"

SECOND UPDATE: I'm not paranoid. I'm not crazy. I just wish I was. Read this. It's almost hard to believe. Though I do have to give the bastards credit - it's a good joke and a decent graphic they've invented. What bothers me is the willful blindness and hypocrisy. I need many beers.

THIRD UPDATE: It's hit the mainstream media now, too. Rest assured, though, this won't even be a dent for McCain. He'll be given a pass on this as well. I wonder when before, if ever in American history, a rival candidate for the Presidency was publicly labeled as The Anti-Christ by his opponent? Maybe McCain scored a first. Way to go, jerk! ("Hello, jerks," by the way, is how McCain ritually greets his covey of personal reporters. What a guy.)

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