Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Interview

Ya know, I once had a job interview for a crap telemarketing job that turned out to be a scam* but which involved a lengthy in-person interview, a written exam and a phone script audition. The whole thing lasted hours. For a minimum wage jerk job in rural Missouri.

This is more time and effort than John McCain spent picking his Vice Presidential running mate.

Nice job, John. I guess that's why you're the "World's Best Boss!"

* We'd call businesses in Chicago, offer a moronic and very expensive 1-800 plan to them that no smart bidnessman would buy, then a second unit would call back a few days later using our call-lists and offer a decent plan at a fair price! Our unit of several dozen callers made about ten sales in the few weeks I stayed there, while the second unit made hundreds. A bunch of bullcrap. Nobody at our end knew it was a scam until the operation folded. I think there was a lawsuit.

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Memphis said...

Actually have Michaels coffee mug sitting next to me."Ain't No Party Like A Scranton Party,Cause A Scranton Party Don't Stop".