Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Did You Honk For Higher Taxes Today?

Happy Tax Day, kids! Are you celebrating? If you hurry, you may still have time because I hear there that there is a new Republican sensation sweeping the nation today: tea parties. Evidently, HUNDREDS of people are attending. Literally hundreds! Wow. I didn't know Republicans liked tea so much.

But aside from drinking tea and eating cucumber sandwiches and swapping doily stories, these party goers are mad as heck! About what, you ask? Well, President Obama wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, it seems, and these decent middle and working class folks are hopping mad about it. They cannot stand to see their wealthy, monocled betters taxed as high as they were during Ronald Reagan's two terms of endearment. (Less actually).

Good for them, I say! Somebody has to stand up and defend the wealthy. They only have battalions of lawyers and hired goons to do it for them. The poor and the working poor need to band together in support of the insanely-monied and their vested interests before its too late for this country!

So, if it's not yet high noon where you live, go and honk your horn to support your local plutocrat. It's past noon where I am and I didn't hear a single horn outside. People just don't care about the needs and feelings of the über-rich like they used to in my town.

Makes me sad to be an Amerikan.


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Ha! I love it. Thanks bunches. It's like roses after a grand premiere to get a "crickets" comment from a freeper troll.

Have a great day. You made mine.