Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Song Remains the Same

A good song is a good song. Here's one that I think is good even when I do it in my basement.

Iggy doin' "Pablo..."

Cale doin' "Pablo..."

Bowie (?!?) doin' "Pablo..."

And Jonathan...

My favorite memory of this song: Singin' along to it with Javier Escovedo after a True Believers' gig at O'Cayz Corral in, I think, summer of '84. Some college-girl-punkchick from UW-Whitewater and her friends who'd seen the 'Believers the night before had followed them up to Madison and after the show they pulled their big old sedan up to the curb illegally (the whole street was torn up for construction at the time and blocked off), threw open the backdoor, pulled a boombox out, and we sat on the curb and sang along to Jonathan.

That was the night I was reborn in rock 'n' roll and gave myself over to the power and the glory that is three chords and a beat.


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stupid and contagious said...

Great post man!

Like your blog too ... great taste!

We should exchange links.