Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The NEW Boys Next Door

According to the right, boys like this are "decent, hard-working, patriotic Americans." Let this sink in. Nazi skinheads are the new Brady Bunch.

Why? Because a report ordered by the Former Regime (remember them? the torture guys?) but recently leaked to the media (bad media! bad!!!) says they might be a little bit scary and kind of a threat to the safety of the country. And this has Republicans hopping mad, because there is no way on earth that kindly, gentle souls like these absolutely ordinary Americans could ever be dangerous. Who ever heard of a bad Nazi?

If you only suspected that the Republicans were scary and racist before, then I think you're suspicions are confirmed.

The right is playing every race card in the book at every dirty level to smear Obama and incite anger and hatred and violence. Even if it means coddling Nazis.

Contempt is too nice a word for what we should be feeling about tactics like this.


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Memphis said...

Always wanted to ask one of these "Nazi's" if they had any actual Arian blood in them and what that would mean in a perfect Nazi world.I do,and would get rid of them in a heartbeat.FREAKS !!!!