Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nutwingia Uber Alles

After years of staged troop photo ops and carefully pre-screened audiences at town hall meetings under the Bush Regime, it's hard for the freepers and wingnuts of the right to believe that anyone could ever be genuinely excited to meet President Obama unless they were just as carefully vetted and set up in advance.

See, the latest wildfire wingnut meme is that Obama's jubilant reception by our troops while overseas was a fake. Evidently, only soldiers who voted for Obama were allowed at the front of the hall and they were all given the same digital camera model to wave around while they pretended to be happy and take pictures of the President. What'd they ask the soldier who hugged him to do?

Problem is, the "evidence" they put forth is crazy wrong. Over at Red State they have a photo "proof" of this scam...but I count at least a half-dozen digital camera models in the picture. And there are probably more, given how much these things look alike. Their only other "proof" is an email from a disgruntled soldier who tells the story of the scam. If this soldier is real. I need a photo of him to believe it.

Well, I thought it'd be fun to join Red State and politely suggest they all take a remedial math course, but I guess one has to be vetted and approved before one can comment on Red State. I made myself an account, but now I have to wait an unspecified period before I can comment.

It's their way of keeping the nutjobs at bay, I guess.

BTW, anyone can comment here. Feel free...

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