Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feel the Sun

When I'm not listening to music, obsessing about music, driving my family crazy about music, I'm often to be found making weird little images on the computer...about music.

Well, this peculiar hobby has developed into something almost like a business (pronounced "bidness" of course). And something I'm extremely proud to be associated with is the brand new CD release by The Squires of the Subterrain, Feel the Sun. I lucked into working on this, thanks to my pal Valis' work as producer on the album. He told me that he was putting together this great album of psychedelic pop for The Squire and would I want to make the artwork. Of course I would! One thing led to another and eventually we ended up handing over to The Squire a full-blown package of psychedelic weirdness. (If you think the cover is a trip, you need to buy the CD and see the interior art!) Fortunately, The Squire is a great guy with superb taste (!) and he loved it.

Musically, this is a beautifully played and produced album of 60s influenced pop-psychedelia, shades of The Beatles, Beach Boys, Kinks and more melted like a sweet kaleidoscopic glaze over astonishingly strong original songs. I'm blown away by this record. It's absolute ear-candy of the finest kind. You'll love it. (The guitar at the end of "Alexander Mannequin" is a royally beautiful thing you need to hear to believe, just lovely!)

Now, all you need to do is head on over to The Squire's webpage and buy this groovy shit! (And check out all the other cool stuff available while you're there).


Anonymous said...

Thats a really cool cover! Congratulations on that.

gomonkeygo said...

Thanks for the kind words - it was a blast to make and the music is so much better than the pretty pictures. I can't recommend this album enough. It's a real treat.

Take care and come on back now, ya hear!

Cliff Cook said...

Valis sure knows his psychedelia, so the album needs no further recommendation as far as I'm concerned. Great cover art too.

hookfinger said...

Wow _ I used to sell Chris' cassetees back in my fanzine days and always wished i had stayed in touch. I'll head over to his site, Thanks

gomonkeygo said...

This is a great album. Proud to have had a small part in working on it, thanks to Valis. I hope people are buying it - Chris has been very nice; even sent me a giant bag of Lifesavers recently! That's class.