Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Doesn't Want to Be a Timelord? Not Me!

Okay, just drop all you're doing, put on your space helmet, hop in the TARDIS, beam out, whatever you do when you do that thing you do - but go right here, right now!

This is the fan-release of the year, kids! The new and improved Have You Got It Yet? Ver. 2.0. You love Syd and you need to hear this even if you've heard it before. For some reason (which I didn't understand perfectly well at the time but do now), old hippie types kept trying to make me listen to Syd Barrett when I was a teenager. Made me tapes of obscure bootlegs and everything, so that I eventually went and bought the reasonably-priced two-fer LP set then available of his albums. Fell in love, deeply in love, head-over-ass in love forever and ever and ever. Now, all you gotta do is click a couple of buttons. You bastards!

[I'm just seeing this now - but wouldn't Syd have been an awesome Timelord? Throw a scarf on him and he'd out-cool Tom Baker in a heartbeat. Ya know, though I fell in love with the Tom Baker version of Dr. Who as a kid, I'm even more thrilled by the new episodes. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that what's happened to the Dr. Who franchise is like what's happened to the Bond franchise. Lifelong fans have grown up and gotten their hands on that thing they love, that excited and thrilled them, and are helping to turn it back into what it should be. That's just a guess, of course.]

Enjoy! (And go buy the legit shit, too, of course).

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