Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Radiant Fuzzbox Wig Returns!

The incredible Plasticland perform "Make Yourself a Happening Machine" at the Stage Door. Don't know where the Stage Door is. Milwaukee? Chicago? Mars?

I got lucky enough to see them again a couple of years ago at a recreation of a famous 1968 happening, complete with bad poetry and horrible in-your-face 60s-style theatre, including (gasp!) flesh-colored unitards to simulate actual nudity. The only saving grace(s) of the evening were the multiple short sets Plasticland played between these pieces. Astoundingly beautiful, loud, roaring psychedelia, as always and ever from Glenn and John and company. In particular, "Mushroom Hill" was turned into one of the hottest pieces of krautrockian guitar-o-phonic space explorations I've ever heard! Drool-able, simply drool-able. Afterwards went backstage with my armful of LPs to get them signed and the gracious men from Wonderland invited me and pal Hagbard (you all know Hagbard, right? thought so...) to partake with them of the beauty that is Milwaukee. And a good time was had by all. 'Nuff said. (Well, I can say that if you appreciate great music and a well-mixed cocktail served in a homey-punk atmosphere, check out the Circle A!)

I've got some great live Plasticland shows to share with you all in the future, but until now, buy their shit!


Anonymous said...

So how about sharing some of those live Plasticland shows then (please and thank you)

gomonkeygo said...

The wait is almost over. Almost. Be patient, please. I'm still putting setlists together for a few of them.