Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Founding Fathers, Second in a Series

Television - Live in Hartsdale, NY (8/31/77) Part 1
Television - Live in Hartsdale, NY (8/31/77) Part 2
Television - Live in Hartsdale, NY (8/31/77) Part 3
Television - Live in Hartsdale, NY (8/31/77) Part 4

* Check comments for links to a couple of missing tracks. I'll re-up the second half shortly with all tracks.

My brother had an incredible stereo system in the 70s. Big speakers, powerful receiver and a high-end tapedeck. (With the windows open in the summer, all the cows in a five-mile radius could sing along!) Therefore, I was the lucky recipient of much taped music. Christmas of 1979 I remember getting tapes of The Beatles, The Clash and the Knack. (In fact, I remember hearing "My Sharona" on the radio on our way home from Christmas Eve services.)

Much to my good fortune, my brother used this stereo for purposes of good and not evil, making me tapes of albums he hoped would influence my budding musical tastes. After those mentioned above, I remember most vividly getting a tape of the oddly-named band Television, with an album on each side of the TDK-C90 that was his tape of preference. Twenty-seven years later I still have that tape. I don't need to say anything more about how important that music became to me, though one of my greatest pleasures in life is introducing the hitherto un-Televised to the soaring pleasures of Mssrs. Verlaine, Lloyd, Ficca & Smith (also one helluva law-firm!).

Whether you are an old-hand or a fledgling listener, you'll love this show. And I've got a request, a plea for you all. I just found out that I only have half of this show. Always thought this was the entire gig, but it's not, it's sadly not. If anyone out there can supply the second half (ripped at 320, please), I would happily post it here with all due credit. And......wait for it comes.....SHIT!

HUZZAH! Mr. stevee wins the First Annual Tennessee Williams' Kindness of Strangers Award from The New Disease for providing the second half of this show. I haven't even had time to grab it and listen myself - I wanted to get it up for everyone right away. Thank ye, stevee, thank ye!


Conspiracy Theologian said...

It's not hyperbole to say that Television changed the way that I listen to and appreciate music. Thanks for posting this show.


gomonkeygo said...

You're welcome. I rather feel the same way. I took a different musical appreciation path after hearing Television, though I have to admit to taking some steps on the way already.

Hopefully I'll find the second half of the show, but sometime later I'll put up more Television.

Ralph said...

Nice blog - loving the Television, Julian Cope and Syd Barrett!


gomonkeygo said...

Glad you like it, Ralph. I grew up with a Ralph; neighbor, friend of my older brothers. Always liked that name. Even though my Ralph threatened to beat me up a lot. And he may have actually. Still, a good name. ;)

SteveE said...

Television were a formative influence on my musical tastes back in the day, as well.

I can probably help out with the rest of the Hartsdale show. I have the whole thing on CD-R somewhere.

Let me know where your copy finishes and I'll put the rest up somewhere for you at 320kbps.

Cheers, Steve

gomonkeygo said...

stevee - Here's the setlist on mine, which I think is the first half of the show:

See No Evil
Little Johnny Jewel
Prove It
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Marquee Moon

The half I'm missing is supposed to be this:

Fire Engine
O Mi Amore
Breakin' In My Heart
Poor Circulation
Kingdom Come
Psychotic Reaction/taps

Love to hear the rest of this and thanks for the offer!

SteveE said...

Yes. That's the first half.

I'll upload the rest shortly, and will provide a link.

Cheers SteveE

SteveE said...

Here it is then:

Cheers, Steve

gomonkeygo said...

THANKS! I've got the links and the appropriate credit given on the original post. I really appreciate this, stevee - thanks a lot.

Take care and please come back anytime. Let me know if you've any requests. I've got a few thousand boots to pick from.

SteveE said...

Oops. I've just realised that 2 of the tracks failed to convert to mp3 from the lossless FLAC format I had them stored in.

The culprits are:
10 - Fire Engine &
12 - Adventure

I've re-ripped them and will post a rapidshare link to them shortly.

Apologies again. I should have checked the files before I upped them to Rapidshare.

Re: Requests - I'm just happy to see what you choose to post. You've done well so far. :-)

Although, if you happened to have any Peter Perrett (of the Only Ones) solo demos or radio appearances there somewhere, I'd be eternally grateful. I've been looking for them for ages.

Cheers, Steve

SteveE said...

The link to tracks 10 & 12:

gomonkeygo said...

Thanks again - I haven't had time to download anything this weekend, but will tomorrow, then I'll put 'em all together and re-up them. Really appreciate your generosity and help with this. Makes my weekend much nicer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch!
Any chance of a complete part 2 re-up?

gomonkeygo said...

Part two should be up there now with all files corrected. Sorry, I neglected to mention this I guess. If it's not right, I'll fix but I'm pretty sure I did already.

Anonymous said...

Yes,it's all there now.
Thank you very much,
keep up the excellent work!

pepin said...

Thank you so much!
I love Television.
Someone has more live material .Someone know where I can get it?

Anonymous said...

Wow - this is terrific, thanks for posting!