Friday, February 29, 2008

Re-Runs Already

Green On Red - Live at Glastonbury, UK (6/22/85)

What a funny little picture of Green On Red, eh? Awwww. They look so cute! How do they hold those big guitars in their little itty-bitty hands? I dunno, I just dunno.

You lucky childrens, to quote our beloved President (who evidently watches too much South Park), you all get a treat today for being so good in class this week. Two posts in one day! And neither one of them about boring old Barack Obama, who you should really vote for if you care about the future of this country and want to save the world and feel good about yourself and be able to dance on Ellen because he has promised that every American will have "The Chance to Dance!" if he is elected President. So vote, ya knuckleheads! See, nothing political in this post.

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