Monday, February 25, 2008

One For the Dreamers

Danny & Dusty - Live Somewhere in Hollywood, CA (1986) Part 1
Danny & Dusty - Live Somewhere in Hollywood, CA (1986) Part 2

Yeah, I had a Danny & Dusty ready for you all about a week or so ago, but didn't give it to you, for reasons already stated. I felt bad, because this is a long winter and whether you're sitting in your dark northern hovel or chalet, drinking cheap brandy or fine champagne, you deserve some good music.

So, I dug down deep into the archives and pulled out the other D&D show I have. This is what one calls a "rough"-sounding show. Great performance, but not a Grade-A sound artifact. Still, it is fun, it is Danny & Dusty, it still is winter, it's still worth hoisting a beer over at least.

Remember - new album out now! Shit!


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you rock

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Thanks, Bob. That's my father-in-law's name, too. Are you my Daddy?