Friday, February 29, 2008

"I'm Coming Out, I'm Coming Down."

The Feelies - Live at Various Venues, (May-June, 1989) Part 1

The Feelies - Live at Various Venues, (May-June, 1989) Part 2

The subject header for this post is possibly my favorite Feelies' lyric, from "The Last Roundup" on The Good Earth. Why? I dunno. Just is. Makes me grin ear-to-ear every time I hear it. I'm sure we've all got little things like this that we love about our favorite bands, after the big things, after the albums, the live shows, the naked band pictures, the whatever.

Sorry to be repeating bands already, but I got in a bind this week and didn't have time to upload any of the new rips I did. Falling back on one I've had in reserve for a while. Same story about the Green On Red I'm going to put up right after this. (Though, sequentially, on the blog, you will see the Green On Red first. Ack! Is your mind blown?!)

This one is for Bob, who used to be a Feelie ("Wouldn't you like to be a Feelie, too?") and has made nice words about previous posts. Thanks, Bob!


rogue46 said...

Thanks once again. This is much appreciated. I hope there are many Feelies fans who will enjoy this one.

A. C. O'Rahilly said...


Greatest American band ever....except (maybe REM and Creedence Clearwater Revival).