Sunday, February 17, 2008

See My Friends

The incredible Hagbard has an equally incredible blog I invite you to check out at your earliest convenience. Trip Inside This House is that rarity of music blogs - it has real content! If you love psychedelic music, you owe it to see what Hagbard's doing. My fave is The Wayback Machine...wonder why?

And while on the subject of sending you away from my Disease, you may want to check out some other blogs devoted to live recordings. Hagbard recommends the very cool The Drugs Are Working blog (and I second his recommendation!) and a personal favorite of mine is NargoTheBort's Deviant Subculture site.

After recommending the above, I think maybe I should mention my personal bootleg aesthetics. For me, it's completely about the performance, because nothing is better than live music played by live musicians. Sound quality is a (sometimes distant) second for me when I'm picking shows to share with you all. I'd rather put up a blazingly performed but kinda muddy audience boot over an OK but perfect sounding soundboard. In fact, I prefer audience recordings, so that one can get, even distantly, a sense of the performance space and the real sound of the performance as the audience heard it. These are boots, after all, recording by amateurs for love and not multi-track professional live recordings made for money.

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