Friday, February 8, 2008

A Love I Could Have Known

Thin White Rope - Live at the Arena, Vienna, Austria (5/6/90) Part 1
Thin White Rope - Live at the Arena, Vienna, Austria (5/6/90) Part 2

Back from the political boneyard. I made up my mind on something, though. I'm going to be posting live music for your pleasure M/W/F and either do nothing or get weird or vent steam or preach like the newly converted on the other days. Okay? Okay.

Anyway, where were you the first time you heard Thin White Rope? Don't remember?!? Gah, how could you not. Me, I was standing in my kitchen,trembling head to toe, spinning with the ecstasy of newfound guitar noises and primitive drums and a voice like Nixon on 'ludes, man - Nixon on 'ludes!!! - going on about crawling and pissing and freezing and generally scaring the shit out of me! It was beautiful. (I don't know if I mean that Nixon crap - first thing to come to mind is all. But it's a funny image, huh?)

Never got the pleasure of seeing the Rope live. I had to make a choice one night between them and a band that I've completely forgotten about. Bad choice. But I can slightly make up for it by presenting you with this great sounding show. Enjoy! (And buy some thin white ropey shit!)


rogue46 said...

i once played in the Feelies, and they still are one of my favorite bands. Thank you so much for posting this show. I would very much like to hear more Feelies shows.

gomonkeygo said...

Played in the Feelies! Cool? When? Where? What? Don't say that and leave me hanging! I'll definitely get some more up, be about a week or so though as I've got a few things in the pipeline already. Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed it.

(I got to see them live about four times and missed them once to my utter chagrin and have rarely seen a better live band, though the interminable tuning between sets did get a bit old after a while.)