Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Guitars That Changed the World

The Dream Syndicate - Live at Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX (2/3/83) Part 1
The Dream Syndicate - Live at Soap Creek Saloon, Austin, TX (2/3/83) Part 2

Best band name theft ever? Best first album ever? Best chance to save the world with electric guitars since the MC5? Maybe. Doesn't matter, though, because they were what they were - The Dream Syndicate. That's enough because they did enough and we should all praise them for it. It's a better world because of them. (Imagine an alternate universe without The Dream Syndicate, with music ruled by big-haired synth-pushing drum-machining vest-wearing whiners - the mind shudders! This is the cosmic horror at the heart of Lovecraft, kids!)

A word about this show: I got this directly from the original taper of the show a few years ago. I think I was the first person besides himself to ever hear this particular artifact. And I don't think I've traded it much if at all, not that I was hoarding it, but that its arrival coincided with a dramatic downturn in my trading activities. I have one more Dream Syndicate show from him, from The Medicine Show tour, that I'll get up soon. If you think this one sounds good, wait until you hear the next one. This is why I love audience recordings, right here.

And if you crave more, then you must go to the Archives, where you will find - current count! - 109 more live Dream Syndicate shows! I have about 3-4 that are not up there, including this one, and as soon as I have time and can figure out their arcane labeling system, I'll put this and the others up there in lossless and lossy formats.

Do I even have to say it? Okay: SHIT!


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks! I was at thos very show, and lost my copy of a cassette recorded on a boombox. Karl Precoda's guitar gave me gooseflesh. I recall that "Still Holdin' On To You" really moved me. Great rhythm section, really steady. The Lou Reed impersonator was a little annoying, but the two guitars made great overlapping overtones. Really loud, really good.

gomonkeygo said...

Wonderful - they were a band I missed. If they played Madison, it was before I started actively getting out to shows and as far as I know they never came back on any tour. Glad you found this and enjoyed it.