Monday, October 13, 2008

Black and White

It has been brought to this blogger's attention that "the perfect and non-refutable logic of guilt by association" used by him in his previous post can, evidently, cut two ways.

This blogger was under the impression via current media and political usage of "the perfect and non-refutable logic of guilt by association" that it can only be used against those one disagrees with.

He did not know that it could be used against him, in turn. And he is pissed about it.

Therefore, this blogger is forced to admit (again per the spirit of President Bush's "Telling It Like It Is Order") that he is: White, Black, Hetero, Gay, Male, Female, Japanese, Republican, Communist, Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Atheist, Norwegian, Scottish, Unitarian, Liberal, Conservative, French, Illiterate, Literate, College Educated and a High School Dropout. And Hmong.

Updates to this list will be posted as they are lived.

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Memphis said...

Hmong ? Dont get me started.

Ed said...

Most terrorists wear underwear. They'll be checking out our unmentionables at airports now. Think about it.

gomonkeygo said...

Then I'm fine. Never wore the stuff, never saw the need for it. Underwear is for rich folks what don't like the feel of their homemeade blue jeans rippin' apart the tender seam between their butt cheeks.