Friday, October 3, 2008

Dishing Obama (Or, "Here's .... Barack!")

Another reason I'm voting for Obama - he has his own TV channel!

Yeah, the Obama campaign has done an audacious thing, something new that I'm sure every other campaign will copy in the future (if they can afford it). They've paid for an entire channel on the satellite television service DISH Network. I found it by accident Wednesday night when my finger slipped on the remote. Or was it an accident...

Damn. I don't know if this will work for them, but the idea is great. I can imagine the bull-session it grew out of. Some folks probably laughed, but then, maybe slowly, they stopped laughing and started looking at each other. Could we really? Should we? It's never been done? So what! Maybe we should - Hell, yeah - let's do it!

Now I can go to sleep every night with Obama's soothing tones in my ears. It's not as good as Carson, but it'll do.

Vote Obama!

For my less-aged readers: "Carson" is a reference to Johnny Carson's highly popular late-night talk show The Tonight Show which ran on NBC for, oh, decades, from 10:30pm to midnight (Central Time, the only time that matters - that's why they call it Central!). Personally, it was my bedtime safety blanket as a kid. If I was still awake at 10:30 and I heard Carson doing his monologue from the TV in my parent's room, it put me right out. I knew the house was shut up, Mom and Dad were in bed and that all was right with the world. Haven't felt like that for years.

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gomonkeygo said...

Huh? Is this Mr Crickets from an earlier post? You never explained yourself before either. Too bad; I'd rather dialogue with you, or argue with you.

At least have the decency to get a username, for pete's sake.

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