Sunday, October 5, 2008

Red Alert! Red Alert!

It's kinda like Kirk screaming, "Khan!" You know it's gonna happen, but you just don't always know when.

Well, as predicted here at The New Disease, the inevitable McCain campaign scream has happened. And the magic word is:


Yeah, McCain's brother, Joe (who here even knew he had a brother? does he ever talk about family except when he's lying about how and when he cheated on his first wife and that even if he did it doesn't matter 'cuz they're friends now?) - Joe hit the stump for his bro' and made a "joke" about living in "communist country"!

Evidently, Commie Central in the United States is not San Francisco or Chicago, but Arlington, Virginia. Yup. Who'd a thunk it. But that's where Joe has lived off and on for years and I guess he should know. And so should his brother, who owns a condo in Arlington (this is probably the one he spent all of his recent time in while suspending/not suspending his campaign to save the country from economic ruin by making phone calls and hanging at his campaign headquarters when not eating at fancy restaurants - you know, not "phoning it in" like Obama was).

Phew! Got that off my chest. I know it's snarky but no matter how much I wanna be good, I'm finding I can't do it all at once. It's a twelve-step program for me, I guess. Snarks Anonymous? Oh, I guess joining something with the acronym SA is pretty wrong, eh? And I keep using folky Palin-esque talk, too. Dang it! Help me, Raptor Jesus! Save me from myself!I give unto you my left arm and several child-sized cured hams!

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Anonymous said...

I think too few of us know about Obama's brother
Didn't Barack say "I am my brother's keeper" in a speech, in a church a while back?
Barack Hussein Obama: 2007 income of 4 million dollars, lives in 1.6 million dollar mansion.
George Hussein Obama: 2007 income of twelve dollars, lives in 6x1o ft hut
For a side-by-side view of the Obama's dwellings go to
You can also find a link to contribute to the Obama brother.
He lives on less than a dollar a month. His brother doesn't seem to be stepping up to the plate,and no journalists are asking him about it
Liberals are famous for uncharitable giving

gomonkeygo said...

I've read about Obama's brother and honestly I wonder about their relationship. Several articles and I still don't understand it. Except that perhaps they have the same kind of messed up familial problems that many of us have.

If you want to compare family attitudes, Cindy McCain purposefully cut off her half-sister and family from any of the family fortune, doing it within days of the death of her father, and goes so far as to call herself an only child now, not even acknowledging her sibling's existence. She did it without notifying them, too. All of a sudden, credit cards were refused and money no longer existed. Nice lady. Of course, it may have been the drug addiction causing her to do this...why doesn't the media make more of this, eh? That Cindy stole drugs from her own non-profit charity to supply her habit and never spent a day in jail. Check it out here:

It cuts both ways. And while we're at it, what about Sarah Palin's pregnant teenage daughter? I dragged John McCain's brother into this because he's stumping for him and thus fair game. I think Ms. Palin is now too, since Mom drags her all over the country just so that she can stand uselessly behind her onstage. At least when Hillary did it, Chelsea wasn't pregnant. Personally, I find it foul that Mom Palin has been given such a totally free ride for the hypocrisy of this situation; it's sickening that such a religious, moral Mom who believes in abstinence education and no sex without marriage can just wave her beehive hairdo and get away with the same old Republic mantra of "It's okay if we do it - we're Republicans. But don't you dare go and do it yourself - that's bad!"

But back to Obama's brother - if we use the standard that families are off limit - and I know that this only applies to Republicans and not to Democrats! - then there is nothing to look at here. But maybe, just maybe, Barack doesn't like him. Brother comes off as jerk in the articles I've read.

Anonymous said...

But The lord high Obama said we are our brother's keepers. I guess that means only if we like them.
Jarring disparity in the way the two of them live isn't it?
12 dollars a year.....Doesn't seem fair. Doesn't seem......Christian

What does Ms Palin's daughter's pregnancy have to do with anything? How do you make the connection?
So if Chelsea had been pregnant, it would have been bad to have her on the campaign trail? Do you find young pregnant girls unsightly? Should they be kept hidden?
Very sad for you

gomonkeygo said...

Okay. I know I was stupid to put myself in this situation with an anonymous troll that doesn't even have the decency or intelligence to come up with a username, so I'm going to step away before we're throwing sand and saying "He took the red dumptruck, teacher, not me!"

If you want to continue, get a name, even a fake one. Then we can argue.

Boy, I miss Gunboy - he knew how to argue!