Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stones & Bones & Things In the Ground

Gimme that ol' time, Neolithic religion!

I was browsing my favorite archaeology site today and read a couple of really fascinating stories. One is about the amazing survival ability of custom and tradition, even in the face of persecution. It's about witchcraft. Really fascinating. Really. Fascinating. Really.

And the other story is about this stone hedgehog. From Stonehenge. It's the Stonehenge-Hog, if you will.

The author, brief as the story is, hits the purely human aspect of this discovery right on the head. I could feel my own grief at just the idea of laying my child into the ground and putting his favorite toy with him for company. I was ready to weep for the father or mother that laid their child to rest forever three thousand years ago. I am actually choking up writing this. That makes about fifty times that's happened to me on this blog, I think, for those keeping track. (I tear up over a really good Jello commercial, though).

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