Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crossing a Line

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This is video from outside the McCain-Palin rally in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, October 8.

I was amused a bit at first. The crowd entering the rally seemed to be parroting lines they've heard on TV or radio or read in emails. But as it goes on there is also real hatred on display. It becomes very uncomfortable to watch. (Especially uncomfortable is the cringeworthy song in the last minute when the camera turns on the pro-Obama supporters - My ears! My ears!)

At times, I didn't know what decade the footage was from. Cries of "Get a job!" and "Commies!" were like echoes from a 60s demonstration. I think I did see a beehive hairdo or two, but that may just be homage to Palin.

Strangely, this doesn't raise my anger. But my empathy for these people, for the fear that has locked their minds and hearts, is almost overwhelming right now. They are scared of the world and they are turning their fear outward as anger.

Where my own anger rises is at the political campaign that is embracing this rising tide of hatred, that is winking and nodding along with it, giving it every opportunity to grow, like a cancerous yeast. There is a darkness at the heart of the McCain-Palin campaign right now that is threatening to consume them, their supporters, the Republican party and possibly America.

I'm at a loss right for anything to say or do to help these people. Honestly, they've torn my heart open watching them, though I don't think this was the videographer's intent. I guess I can't help them, as much as I want to. I'll try not to insult them personally, but I won't let what they do with their fear go unanswered, in as small a way as I'm able.


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