Sunday, October 12, 2008

Out of the Closet: John McCain

John McCain is Gay. He's also Black. And Hispanic. And Jewish. And he's a Socialist, Atheist, Teenboy-Loving Pedophile.

[Proper nouns must now by used to refer to all groups and subgroups of Americans per President Bush's recent Executive Order No. 102,398, aka "The Telling It Like It Is Order"].

After all, John McCain has been serving in Congress for decades with Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, at least one Socialist, an Atheist and one known Pedophile (and who knows how many others?).

And, through the perfect and non-refutable logic of guilt by association, John McCain is a Gay, Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Socialist, Atheist Pedophile. Probably Vietnamese, too.

It's the only logical conclusion that any decent, reasonable person could draw.

Why doesn't John McCain come clean to the American people about these things? What is he hiding? Why isn't he honest about his Gayness and his God-Hating and his Boy-Loving? Why can't he tell us why he's a Socialist? What's the deal with his being Hispanic, too? How come he never talks about that?

What is John McCain hiding? And why isn't Fox News covering this breaking story?

PS Isn't "Sidney" a girl's name? Is John Transgendered, too?

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