Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Party Divided...Let's Hope

Sarah Palin doesn't seem to like being in the No. Two position. And John McCain just plain doesn't seem to like her. And the party seems bent on self destruction, so...I'm guessing here...but I think that after Obama wins on November 4th, we may see the Republican party split itself in two. Does that immediately make you think of the Meat Puppets? Yeah, me too.

On one side, the older and more conservative side of the Party. What I call the "reasonably sane" Republicans, if still not to be completely trusted. They'll get to keep the franchise name and dumb animal trademark.

On the other - nutjobs. Cranks. Crackpots. Crazies. Wingnuts. Loonies. Freaks. And Sarah Palin. I'm bettin' they have the word "American" in their party name. To differentiate themselves from all us un-Americans.

Hmm. I can't make up my mind if this is a good or a bad idea. What do you think?

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Nazz Nomad said...

McCain would be winning if it wasn't for his Vice Presidential choice. Instead of selecting a centrist running mate, who would have encouraged many Democrats to vote for him, McCain selected a right wing fundamentalist who has scared off the middle of the road voter.
That's where the election is won ; in the middle, not on the edges. The liberals and the conservatives are the easy votes in a national election, it's the 60% of the voters who can go either way... look at Reagan and Clinton as perfect examples of that.

Additionally, she is a complete idiot and has proven herself to be inadequate for the role of possible president who is "a heartbeat away from the job". When you take into account McCain's age, the likelihood of her filling in for McCain is great.
She has scared the crap out of many voters who might have crossed over to the McCain side.
That was McCain's fatal mistake.

Talk of Palin being positioned for 20012 is absurd. In 2 weeks, she will be as valid for the GOP as Admiral Stockdale was for Ross Perot.

Additionally, the fear is that Obama will be a socialist (as indicated above). The Democrats who are pulling his strings have as much to lose as the Republicans if that was to happen. There are plenty of millionaires backing Obama, socialism will never happen.
What will happen however, is that the country will finally move away from religious fundamentalism and back towards an actual free scoiety.

Oh yeah, and maybe we won't piss off the world every chance we get.

gomonkeygo said...

Nice one, Nazz! Always love a Nazz moment.

Kevin said...

Admiral Stockdale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!! That just made my day...let's hope you are right and this pathetic twit fades into the sunset.

Anonymous said...

It will be better and easier for Democrats if she does run in 2012.

krid said...

If elections are won in the middle, not on the edges, then how do you explain Obama?

Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont is the #2 liberal in the Senate, and he is a declared Socialist.

Who's the #1 liberal in the Senate? Barack Obama.

Joe Biden is #3 on that list (National Journal's 2007 Vote Ratings).

If you rank Senators by how often they voted with the majority of their caucus/party, as the Washington Post has, Sen. McCain is 65th out of 100 on that list. Obama is tied for 10th and Biden is 8th.

But that's not the way Democrats are campaigning. Notice how Democrats never campaign as liberals or socialists (except in Vermont). So people who are easily swayed by campaign propaganda and "media consensus" say stupid things like "McCain selected a right wing fundamentalist who has scared off the middle of the road voter" and "she is a complete idiot and has proven herself to be inadequate for the role of possible president."

The problem for McCain (if indeed he has one) would be more accurately described as "the party didn't pick a consistent enough conservative to run with Palin."