Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I think Obama needs a team of wacky, nerdy legal-types wearing jumpsuits and homemade proton-packs to come in and zap the ghosts of the Bush/Cheney Administration. They'll fry their flimsy "legal" excuses for torture and illegal detainment and kangaroo military courts with sizzling beams of logic, law and real American jurisprudence.

The soon-to-be spirits of the current Presidency are wailing and gnashing their teeth almost constantly, scared to their skivvies of being prosecuted for war crimes, especially since both Bush and Cheney have now publicly admitted their own roles in and approval of torture. The orders came from the top down, as we've always suspected. Torturing our enemies (and saying to our enemies that it's okay for them to torture our soldiers, quid pro quo) was not the act of one or two rogue intelligence agents or a handful of off-the-leash military jailers.

In case ya missed it, in bold, here it is:

The order to torture came directly from the President and Vice President of the United States of America.

Meet America's Future Most Wanted, kids (obviously from the far future, as we can see from the choice of fonts - must've fallen through a wormhole):
Evidently, that "man-sized safe" in Cheney's office was really the prototype Time Machine. Dick really is/was an evil genuis - waddaya know! Who'd a thunk it?

UPDATE: In case you want some more serious words for brains...this is the BEST piece I've read on Bush and his legacy to America. It gave me shivers. It made me cry with anger. And this is pretty darn good, too, although a different take on Bush than much of what I've read but it rings very true. (Thanks to -valis for bringing the former to my attention).

Anyone else think they were watching a never-really-dealt-with-his-problem supposedly ex-alcoholic rambling on yesterday during Bush's final press conference? He was five minutes away from drowning it all with a quart of Jack, I think. Governor Blago has been praised for his brass ones recently, but Bush's are solid gold. That took either guts or total self-unawareness yesterday. Which one do you think?


gomonkeygo said...

Here's something to start comments. Is Bush a psychopath?


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Memphis said...

I think "Dolt"sums him up nicely.A not very bright rich boy stumbles into the White House,screws things up in a big way (with lots of help).Mostly unaware of whats going on. Cheney a psychopath ?Yes.Bush...No,just a sorry clod.