Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Look, New Sound

Look what I did! Look at me! I changed a background color! I put in a new picture! Yeah, me! Yeah!!!

Seriously, I was bored with the old look. This is it for a while. I think.

And the old sound is kinda boring me too. I've been inspired by Quality Boots to go in a new direction...maybe.

I can post tunes in one of two formats, but I'm too damn lazy to do both. Either MP3s, ripped at 320 for really good sound. Or FLAC-encoded WAV files for CD quality sound.

The advantage for you is that you get an exact EAC-ripped copy of my original boot. The disadvantage is that it means larger files, longer downloading time and no MP3s. But you can make your own MP3s from the WAV files once you've decoded them from FLAC.

I want to know what loyal 'Monkey friends think. So smash the buttons on the poll at the upper left, please. It's a shiny button, you know you want to smash it...DO IT, MAN!

UPDATE: I see that I have to do some work on my new logo...hmmm...looked dandy before I changed the theme. I'll get around to it someday.


mrG said...

it is an agonizing decision, you know: while it is true that you can make an MP3 from a FLAC but you cannot make a FLAC from a sow's ear, it is also true that for those who are not paying subscribers to the fileshare host the download of a single album could take days of waiting for the download limits and catching the countdown clock before it expires (I always forget to check back in that tab!)

So I voted MP3, but I do appreciate the WAV option and understand those who'd want it. I don't mean to complain or discourage your kind support of the music, but is there any third option to perhaps change the file-hosting to a site that doesn't make us jump so many hoops to share an LP?

gomonkeygo said...

All perfectly true, Mr G. I had half-forgotten about the wait-time. I splurged two years ago on a Rapidshare account and couldn't go back to the wait now. It'd kill me, literally kill me, I think!

I'm not making any radical changes till I've heard from a number of folks.

Perhaps I could occasionally post special, really really really great bootlegs in WAV and MP3, with MP3 as my default format? I'd be happy to take requests from past posts for possible WAV/FLAC candidates.

Happy New Year to you, btw, Mr. G. Nice to hear from you.

noboruwatanabebop said...

Eh, whatever. I can't get all that worked up about the format of what I am given for free. What I do with these files is, I burn 'em onto mp3 discs so I can listen to 'em on my mp3-enabled boom box while I'm workin'. If you make the darn things available as FLAC files, I'll just re-encode 'em as 128 MP3 files so I can use 'em the way I want. If you upload 'em as 320 MP3 files, I'll probably leave them that way, unless a disc is hurtin' for space.

I've never, frankly, heard a concert bootleg that needed to be heard as a FLAC -- even soundboards. What those guys do in the studio is just amazing!

gomonkeygo said...

Nice to know how the music is used. Thanks for the input.

I used to be a freaky purist and would never encode a boot to MP3 for fear of "polluting" the digital gene-pool. But I decided to start sharing when I realized some of my 3-5 year old CDRs were already deteriorating and becoming unlistenable. Sharing became more important than formatting then.

Ed said...

I like the WAV option, although I haven't got software to decode FLAC yet. Any suggestions for a Mac? I tried something that was supposed to work on a Mac once (don't remember what it was) but it didn't work. That was probably about a year ago, and I haven't gotten around to figuring it out.

gomonkeygo said...

There's this:

Don't know if it works; don't have a Mac to try it on.

I could always use SHN or APE instead of FLAC. SHN used to be the most common and APE is still fairly obscure, but they all do the same thing.