Monday, January 26, 2009

The First Golden Cretin Award

George Will is a moron. A peabrain. A walking, talking zombie media whore of the right.

Because of this and the following, George Will is receiving the first ever 'New Disease Golden Cretin Award*:

Hey, Georgie-boy! McDonald's earnings are up because people are frustrated and scared and nervous and seriously needing the heavy calming effect of greasy fast comfort food. When that temporary surge of fats and sugars hits the system, folks are momentarily soothed and relieved. And it only cost them what a day's worth of food for a whole family might cost at the local Aldi's (or Super Saver or whatever aimed-at-the-poor supermarket chain you have in your area). I bet Mr. Will has never eaten at McDonald's or shopped for his own supper even. I hear he has winged monkeys that serve him.

I should make this a double Golden Cretin and give one to McDonald's, too, but they can't really help themselves, can they. And their breakfast sandwiches are sooooo delicious!

* Inspired by the Golden Fleece award given by the late Sen. William Proxmire (a Dem from Wisconsin), sometimes a self-serving dick himself, but one of my childhood heroes because I liked the pun inherent in the name of the award. It tickled my boyhood fancy!

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