Friday, January 9, 2009

When In Doubt, He Whips It Out

Ted Nugent. Former great guitarist.

Current total asshole. "Peace can sometimes only be achieved through superior firepower." Right, Ted. Worked real good in Iraq, didn't it. Oh, and Vietnam too. That was a real winner! Works so good that American soldiers are still dying in Iraq because of this kind of straight-ahead, clear-thinking, common-sense philosophy.

Blog on over to Bleedin' Out for a tribute to a real American hero and a much better guitarist than Nugent ever used to be. It'll clear the bad taste from your mouth.

UPDATE: Here's another proud graduate of the Ted Nugent Kill' Em All Diplomacy and Deer Huntin' Academy.


Highlander said...

Jesus - What a dick.

kevin said...

yeah Ted turned out to be a total douche bag. Sad from a guy who played on Amboy Dukes' Journey To The Center of Your Mind and his own Stranglehold

jewlover69 said...

Hey asshole, he said "sometimes" and it did work in Kosovo under the great Bill Clinton, remember?
And of course, the only war that has ever been justified, in your small mind at least, WWII

gomonkeygo said...

Since Nugent is referring to the current Warsaw ghetto-like actions of the Israelis against the Palestinians, the WWII analogy fits.

Israel, like any nation, so long as we still have nations, has a right to defend itself against enemies. But they have gone too far. They have brutalized the people of the Gaza strip for years and before their current invasion, they point-blank refused offers of peaceful negotiations from Hamas made through Egypt. I think that they prefer the world to view the Palestinians, as the Germans once did the Jewish people, as animals and subhumans and undeserving of humane treatment.

I know that the actions of Hamas do not reflect the desires of all Palestinians and that the actions of the Israeli government are not the desires of all the people of Israel. Leadership on both sides are responsible for the pain, the horrors, the deaths - but currently the Israelis are painting themselves not as the victims but the aggressors and the brutes.

Once, years ago, I had utmost, unwavering sympathy for Israel. Now I only feel for its people. It's government is appalling. "A thousand dead Palestinians for every dead Israeli" seems to be the current translation of "An eye for an eye..."

jewlover69 said...

Hamas is using Gazans as human shields, they don't fight out in the open like civilized fighters. Israel warns Gazans, unlike Hamas who attacks civilian targets almost exclusively and without warning. Big difference.....
Interesting that Hamas has expressed admiration for Barack Obama,,,,very interesting

jewlover69 said...

"Warsaw ghetto-like actions"
Cite for us if you will, the rocket attack that the people in the Warsaw ghetto visited upon the poor Germans after they withdrew from the ghetto....And as far as the Israelis wanting the world to see the Palestinians as subhuman, you need to find out who is calling who the spawn of pigs and apes....
Andrew Sullivan needs to hire you as a researcher

gomonkeygo said...

Seems to me that every Israeli citizen is used by their government as a human target - held up in the hopes that something will hit one and they can continue their aggressive policies. So long as the US just holds it breath rather than extends a hand of separation to introduce the potential for discussion and negotiation, this will continue. Among the Western "powers" we are very much alone on non-interference in this issue because it suits our political goals to destroy Hamas without expending any diplomatic effort. The Israelis know this full well - that's why they are using Bush's extended vacation period - the one that started Nov. 5 - as an excuse to ravage Gaza.

The people of Israel and the people of Gaza both deserve better than this. We deserve better too. Thank goodness at least we're getting it. Hopefully there will be positive benefits extended to the Israelis and Palestinians as well.

jewlover69 said...

Yes, someone like you would think that the Israeli government would hold their citizens as shields. Lacking any evidence doesn't seem to phase you,,,
As to Obama being "better",,,,,

On Sunday, Jan. 4, the Web site of London's Guardian published an article by one Simon Tisdall faulting Obama for failing to side with Hamas in its genocidal war against Israel:

Obama has remained wholly silent during the Gaza crisis. His aides say he is following established protocol that the US has only one president at a time. [Except when it comes to commenting on the economy]

But evidence is mounting that Obama is already losing ground among key Arab and Muslim audiences that cannot understand why, given his promise of change, he has not spoken out. Arab commentators and editorialists say there is growing disappointment at Obama's detachment--and that his failure to distance himself from George Bush's strongly pro-Israeli stance is encouraging the belief that he either shares Bush's bias or simply does not care.

The Al-Jazeera satellite television station recently broadcast footage of Obama on holiday in Hawaii, wearing shorts and playing golf, juxtaposed with scenes of bloodshed and mayhem in Gaza. Its report criticising "the deafening silence from the Obama team" suggested Obama is losing a battle of perceptions among Muslims that he may not realise has even begun.

gomonkeygo said...

Bush pretty much handed over the keys to the domestic - note that word - crisis to Obama. He's even been working with him.

When it comes to international affairs, Bush is the rare President to have dragged our domestic political infighting overseas - to Israel, in a blatant attempt to paint Obama as a threat to Israel and influence the 2008 election. He was properly scourged by all for doing so.

Blame for the lack of a ceasefire can be laid squarely on Israel and Bush. Rice brokered a ceasefire call in the UN, got all 15 needed nations to agree - but at the last minute the govt. of Israel called Bush and told him not to allow Rice to vote for the US on this. Bush made the call. He destroyed the ceasefire resolution and destroyed the final bit of credibility of his Sec. of State, while allowing Israel to dictate American foreign policy.

Ed said...

I never liked Nugent, and he continues to prove that he is an ignorant jingoistic moron in addition to being a boring guitarist.

To those people who continue to blame Hamas for what is happening now, I can only say, do a little research. Let's just say some jerk has stolen your home, is killing your relatives, stealing your money and taking food out of your children's mouths - day after day, week after week, year after year. Eventually you might strike back. Is a violent response acceptable? I would say no, but it comes as no surprise. The Israeli government has, for decades, treated Palestinians as subhumans and it is no surprise, regardless or whether or not it is the proper response, that the outcome has been violence. Last I read, Israel has killed over 400 Palestinians for every Israeli killed, yet people continue to lay all the blame for the current situation on Hamas. Let us remember that members of the Israeli government have stated that Palestinians are worse than dogs and should all be exterminated. Let us also remember that Israel is the country with the power. Israel has a military (the fifth largest in the world). Israel receives hundreds of millions of dollars in aid each year from the US. It is not a level playing field and never has been. If Israel truly wanted to end the conflict, I believe they could do so tomorrow without further bloodshed, but they don't want to. I do not condone the actions of Hamas, but the Israeli government, through their treatment of Palestinians, is responsible for the very existence of Hamas.

gomonkeygo said...

Well said, Ed!

I said earlier that the Israelis use their citizens as human targets...and I don't retract that. They do. But so do we.

Since September 11th, 2001, our current Administration (and successive Congresses) have conveniently turned us from citizens into targets to push their fear agenda and right wing proto-police state policies.

On September 12th, I was more worried about our civil liberties and what would happen to them under Bush's crazy neo-con regime than I was about striking back at our enemies. Caring for the wounded and grieving at home seemed much more important to me than revenge. I haven't changed my mind about this.

I'm tired of being a human target used by my cynical, manipulative, dastardly, foul President to pursue aggressive (what a tame word!) policies that have only made more enemies for America and not less.

Thank you, Raptor Jesus, thank you, for opening the eyes of America and helping us to oust that bastard.

gomonkeygo said...

One last comment from me.

jewlover69 - do you really think that citing Al-Jazeera propaganda intended, however feebly minded the thought, to push Obama into a pro-Hamas stance or to incite more dislike of American's makes a valid point? They're not showing all the happy people of the Arab continuum that are thrilled over his election still, are they? Probably not.

Obama's popularity abroad will ebb and flow - yeah. Sometimes they'll hate him, sometimes they'll love him, just like Americans. My guess is that overall there will be more love than we've had for the last eight years. And more willingness to accept the tools of diplomacy and reject the tools of war.

It won't be easy to undo nearly a decade of ham-handed moronic blundering done by rabid rat-pigs like Bush and Cheney (there's some stuff for Al-Jazeera! I should write content for them!). But Obama's gonna do his damndest. I think Israel may have to make some concessions if it wants to keep getting our money. Hopefully Obama won't let them dictate our foreign policy in the Mideast as much as previous Presidents have.