Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Yes, Ren. Yes, Stimpy. Our flag is still there. Be proud, boys, be proud.

Thank you to the American voter, to the American Constitution and to the people who've stuck around here with all their diverse comments over the last year - this has been Mr. Toad's Wild Political Ride. As a family, my wife and son and I went down to Springfield nearly two years ago to see Barack Obama announce his candidacy for the Presidency. It was even colder there and then than it will be in Washington today. Around one hundred thousand of us stuck it out for hours to hear him speak. Millions will be in DC today. Billions worldwide will be watching.

Be proud, folks, be proud. It's a heckuva day, kids. Enjoy.


Nazz Nomad said...

my 401k is still down. obama's administration is a failure.

Memphis said...

Watched a bit on Tue.after the actual swearing in etc.Missed the speech.Did get to see Bush and Cheney leaving.Cheney getting into the limo....Satan driving him straight to the gates of hell,pockets so full he couldnt walk.Love that man.Bush,flying away and me thinking "goose,goose,goose".Oh well.Goodbye W.