Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Palin Family Sitcom - A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Better than a case of single-malt scotch from Santa, I present to you "Meet The Palins" - America's wackiest new sitcom family. Living halfway between an Alaskan trailer park and the White House, those crazy Palins will make you laugh and cry...and cry...and cry some more.

In last week's episode, Levi - teen husband of teen mommy Bristol - had gotten an into an apprenticeship position, without having his high school diploma. I thought this odd, being a teacher, a teacher of at-risk/drop-out students, because I know that in Illinois if you want to get into an apprenticeship program you have to have a high school diploma. It's a federal thing. I put it out of my head because I was more concerned with, well, everything, and I didn't want to waste a brain cell on the Palin family parade anymore.

But it turns out I should've kept thinking. In the latest episode of "Meet The Palins," Levi has had to leave the program because he doesn't have a diploma! Oh, no! What's gonna happen to his baby-momma and baby! How will they ever survive? (Not on the $300K they were paid for pictures of little Levi Jr, possibly!)

And did Levi's scary mother-in-law (every sitcom has one!) pull political strings and call in favors to get high school dropout Levi into that program in the first place? Say it ain't so!

Damn, but we gotta be glad this scheming, conniving, nasty family never got within a reasonable distance of the White House and its cement pond. They'd have stripped the place clean and sold the dishes from out of the back of their Hummer. Or snowmobile. Whatever.

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Nazz Nomad said...

you forgot about old granny johnson, with the crystal meth arrest!