Friday, January 9, 2009

Go "There," Young Man (or Woman)!

I was reading some fun prehistoric archaeology stories this morning as is my wont, when I found links to two really incredibly cool, time-wasting (in a great way) blogs.

BLDGBLOG - Ostensibly a blog about architecture. But it's really about living an exciting life of the mind on this really cool planet we accidentally inhabit. Just go, go, go! (I'm working through the interview with Patrick McGrath right now).

From the above I followed an external to find this picture, among many others:

I'm in a tizzy over this picture. Don't know why, but I absolutely love this man and whatever he is doing. I wish my beard looked like his.

InfraNet Lab - A futurist's wet-dream of a blog. Indulge thyself, child, indulge. Never has infrastructure been soooooo sexy. (Forget that you're supposed be working for a couple of hours. In the end, it won't matter and your brain will like you more for it.)

I found this FAKE train wreck pic there:

That's all, folks! But that should keep you busy all weekend.

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