Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Old Disease

I'm contemplating taking down my old blog, Time Is a Disease... so if you want anything from it, better head over now. It was a lot of fun to do and forced me to be "creative" - everything you read was written in one go, start to finish, usually in about the length of time it takes to read. I'd proof it once and put it up. Most of it sucks. Hole in the Universe strength sucking power. But it was fun.

What wasn't fun was trying to keep up with the re-issue frenzy. I intended to only post long out-of-print albums, most of them at least ten years old. But every time I checked, an album that hadn't been in-print for two decades had just been re-released - with bonus gawddamn tracks! I had many dozens of albums that got pushed aside because of this and I ran out of stuff to post months sooner than I expected. That and sheer exhaustion with the limitations of my format made me stop.

I'm not exhausted here yet. I purposefully gave myself free reign to be as stoopid as I can be here. Which means I'll never hit the bottom of the well.


rogue46 said...

Well, I will miss you if you go. I've enjoyed your blog. While I haven't always agreed with you, more often than not I thought you were right on. It was nice hearing from a fellow Feelies fan. Best of wishes.

gomonkeygo said...

Oh no - it's my OLD blog I'm thinking of permanently retiring. I still have too much live music to share here, once I get my ass back in gear to do it.

Thanks for coming by as often as you have too - always appreciate your remarks.

Memphis said...

We all worship you because you are so "stoopid".This would then be your second term.We love you "stoopid"one.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Don't do it Gomonkey! I know were yer coming from. I've contemplated it a few times myself over the years, especially over the last couple of weeks. I apologise for not getting back in touch for ages, and also not taking up the challenge of the things I did post. One of the great things about The New Disease was that it wasn't just about the music. Im these present times we need more "stoopid" Yer a top fella GMG and the blog world would be a lot poorer without a New Disease.

gomonkeygo said...

No, no, no! I have to change my link colors so you guys can see! Sorry about the confusion, but I meant my OLD blog TIME IS A DISEASE - go here and check it out.

I just wanted to give some folks fair warning who might have wanted some stuff from there.

Don't worry, long as I keep taking the Big White Pill with the Little Blue Pill every morning, I will be sufficiently stoopid to continue with this blog.

God help us all if I lose my meds...