Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Git Yr Guns, Boys

Eleventh Dream Day - Live at the Cattle Club, Sacramento, CA (4/27/91) Part 1

Eleventh Dream Day - Live at the Cattle Club, Sacramento, CA (4/27/91) Part 2

Eleventh Dream Day - Live in Munich, Germany (6/30/91) Part 1
Eleventh Dream Day - Live in Munich, Germany (6/30/91) Part 2

I've always imagined that Eleventh Dream Day could've made a killer spaghetti-western soundtrack. Gnarled and tough and scary. Why? I dunno. Thin White Rope would probably be a more appropriate choice for something like this, but there's something in EDD's vocals more than their guitars that make me think of Clint Eastwood and serapes and vast unfolding landscapes of foreboding and apprehension. Gives me the shivers, it does, boys and girls!

EDD snuck up on me as a band. I read about their debut album but couldn't find a copy of it. My brother finally snagged one after a year of looking and then I had to play the waiting game to borrow it. So they'd been kicking around for a couple years by the time I finally heard that first album. And unlike most things one waits so long for with such high expectations - cue my dream of Dick Cheney publicly confessing his sins and then lighting himself on fire in the street while screaming "I done a bad, bad thing!" - there was no disappointment involved. Damn, that's good.

And these are good too. The German show is a radio broadcast and I'm not sure about the Cattle Club - it's either a really good audience or a soundboard. Though from the same year, they're not identical sets. There's enough variety in the setlists to please and, really, one of my favorite aspects of live recordings is seeing what a band does with a song before an audience and having several versions of the same song can be really interesting. That's why I've got hundreds of Neil Young boots. And I can go on endlessly about the hundred different versions of "Like a Hurricane" or "Cortez" and why you should hear all of them!

I'm giving ya'all two shows because I'm out of town Friday for some extra learning and thought you deserved it, putting up with my crazy-ass political rantings of late. You're good people and thank you for stopping by and reading and commenting. The 'monkey appreciates it very much.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! You don't see a lot of this band on the blogs (or at least I do not). And thanks for the political rantings for I share your views and I need a laugh during times like these. But if there are no changes in November, my sense of humor will be replaced with a sense of despair and an attempt to find the cents for a plane trip to Canada.

gomonkeygo said...

You're very welcome, Les. I've got more for latter posts, but I want to do some different artists first. I've got one or two really neat, really rare shows in the works that I think people will dig.

I'm trying hard to stay positive about the election. In fact, tomorrow night I'm going to the local Dem party meeting to find out about volunteering. Yikes! Working for an established political party!

Gawd, what have I come to? Or, more accurately, what has the country come to that I feel I have to do something like this?

Kevin said...

Thanks for the EDD!! great blog and political comments!! thanks again

EricC said...

Hey, thanks for the link this way from Willfully Obscure. I'm looking forward to listening to these. I saw EDD a bunch of times around this time. Baird used to work at my favorite record store when they weren't on the road so I got to know him pretty well. This should be a real look back.

gomonkeygo said...

You're welcome! I appreciate Willfully Obscure very much. Lots of neat stuff for my earholes, definitely.

Hope you like them. They've been among my LEAST downloaded uploads, but I'm still thinking of putting up more.

gomonkeygo said...

I meant to point folks at Willfully Obscure in my last comment, as ericc noted that he'd come here from there. Here it is:

Look for it in my links from now on. Thanks to ericc for reminding me (I don't think he's the blog owner, though).

RPM said...

Wow, thank you very much for the Eleventh Dream Day in Sacramento. I'm looking forward to hearing the Munich set and any other shows you'd like to post. I've never quite understood why EDD never attained something akin to say a Feelies or Meat Puppets level of acclaim: clearly they had the chops, and perhaps even a bit more muscle than those two excellent bands. Listening to this fine 1991 recording I can easily imagine EDD opening for Neil Young the way Sonic Youth and Social Distortion did when Young toured that same year. Thanks again!

burningwheel said...

any chance someone can upload these gigs again. it would be much appreciated!