Monday, September 22, 2008

Science? or Magic?

Brian Eno & Robert Fripp - Live at the Olympia, Paris, France (5/28/75) Part 1
Brian Eno & Robert Fripp - Live at the Olympia, Paris, France (5/28/75) Part 2

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke.

I just thought that this would be a good quote to ponder while listening to this extraordinary concert, if "concert" is indeed the right word for it. It's really a lot more than that, though my bias shows in saying it. I find myself humming Eno tunes more often than is probably legal in some Southern states, Latin American dictatorships and happy fun cruise lines. Taking Tiger Mountain and Warm Jets are ingrained at this point in my life. After a couple decades of listening to them, they have become part of me. I would die if they were removed.

This is a legendary performance and I hope you enjoy it.

Interesting, to me, that Arthur C. Clarke rears his bespectacled head once again at The New Disease. I sometimes think I have no control over this blog.

Don't shit!

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Ed said...

After clicking on the Fripp & Eno concert link, I ended up at some site called RapidShare, or somethng. How does it work? Is it legit?

gomonkeygo said...

It's legit, Ed, don't worry. It's just a filesharing service where I host the music files.

Since you probably don't have an account with them, you'll have to click on the FREE USER speedometer. Then you'll have to wait a bit, maybe a minute plus. They do this to annoy you and make you subscribe so that you don't have to wait.

When the timer has run out, click on the DOWNLOAD button and save the file. As a free user, you'll have to wait a while between downloads before you grab the second half.

You'll also need the WinRAR program to unzip/extract the packed files. That's here and it's free:

Grab the trial beta version at the top. Don't worry about it being a trial. You can still unpack files after the trial expires.

Do use a Mac? I think this is the right software to unpack with a Mac

In the end, you'll have two folders of the concert, in MP3, ripped at 320 for your listening pleasure.

It's worth the work!

gomonkeygo said...

Here's another link for a Mac RAR program:

Anonymous said...

Surely this should be under Fripp & Eno and not under just Brian Eno as Robert's contribution is equal to Brian's and since Fripp's name always came before Eno's on their releases (Eno & Fripp just doesn't sound right don't you think) it would be nice if you followed suit. Thank you.

gomonkeygo said...

Excellent idea! I can't believe I didn't put Mr. Fripp in there to begin with. Which reminds me - I've got some mindblowing Fripp boots!!! I need to find them, I need to share them.

Ed said...

Fripp boots! Must have!