Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why Does John McCain Hate America?

Specifically, why does he hate his fellow veterans so much?

Me, I'm sick of hearing that McCain should be respected because of his service. I used to agree with this. No longer. The cynical and manipulative way in which he is now using his war experiences as a POW disgust me. He can't even keep his own story straight; he changes it to fit the audience he's in front of at the moment. This suggests that John McCain has either one of the most deeply cynical political minds in American history or he has not much mind left at all. Either way, it makes him unfit to be our President.

And now we have his daughter out shilling for him, telling every veteran in the United States that they are little better than dog poo compared to him and his family. Watch if you haven't, but not after eating. You will lose your meal and John McCain ain't worth chucking up even a single McNugget.

Then you can take the antidote and read what another wounded veteran has to say about John McCain and how he disrespects his fellow men-in-arms.

Vote Obama! Stop the lies!
Vote Obama! Stop the lies

UPDATE: And here's a way to help stop the lies. Check out how much you'll save from Obama's proposed tax cuts and send the link on - make it go viral! (This won't work for you mega-rich plutocrat trolls that are always lurking around the 'Disease! You'll just have to pray to Jeebus that McCain wins and protects you and your Nazi gold. Hey, that's the first time I've mentioned Nazi gold on the 'Disease!)

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