Friday, September 19, 2008

New Disease Vectors

Raptor Jesus says "I Love You!"

I've been really enjoying some new blogs (new to me anyway) of late and wanted to introduce you to them, in case you haven't found them yet. And send you towards some old friends of the 'Disease, too.

Old friends first: Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf and Nazz Nomad of Bleedin' Out. Good politics, great music, fun presentations. And, damn, but I wish I had Nazz's username. (Nazz has a cool format that I wish I'd thought of first and Mr. Wolf's blog is stylistically unparalleled - I love it!)

New now. I've been getting a lot great tunes (and making a long list of stuff I gotta buy if I can find it now that I've heard it) from Feelin' Kinda Froggy and The Doldrums. FKF specializes in unavailable music, mostly 80s, lots of rips from personal vinyl. Great stuff here. He's saved me having to rip some of my own vinyl, which I really appreciate. TD again has lots of 80s tunage you don't want to miss, lots of NZ rock if you miss that Flying Nun sound. What I really like though is the personal comments of the contributors. They've got some keen insight and when they love something they express themselves very well indeed.

Go now - enjoy! Spread your seed upon the wind! Multiply! Whatever!

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