Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Heart of Darkness

And the winner is...John McCain! For "Most Horrifying and Disgusting Political Advertisement Suggesting His Opponent is a Pedophile!"

Yeah. Just let that sink in. There it goes. Almost - Scream! WTF! OMG! That can't be true!

But it is. In the latest of their attack ads, McCain and Co. have dusted off the already beat-down smear that Obama supports teaching explicit sex ed to kindergartners - with a twist!

I will not put the ad on my blog and I won't even link to it because it is contemptible. It is foul. You can find it on YouTube in a second if you want to see it. I've made myself watch it several times, gripping the arms of my seat to keep from tearing my teeth into the screen. The title of the ad is "Education" and it is ostensibly about Obama's lack of planning and depth regarding education. You might be interested in knowing that every quote used in the ad is at best taken out of context and at worst used as a lie; most are from op-ed pieces that actually savaged McCain's stance (or total lack of one) on education and the missing information gave kudos to Obama.

What is most foul about this ad is the suggestion, midway through, that Obama wants five year-olds in Illinois to know the graphic facts of sexuality before they can even read. This is another lie. And it gets worse when one reads the subtextual graphic imagery of the advertisement.

Like their previous ad about Obama as a celebrity, juxtaposing images of Obama, a giant stone phallic symbol and conventionally pretty white women, McCain is again playing the race card here. [See "miscegenation"]. And not just playing it - he's humping it for all it's worth. If you can stomach watching the ad, pay attention to the cut between an image of little children in school and its followup - a close-up of Obama looking downward, as though at children. Why this image? He's intended to be leering at them, smirking, perhaps even fantasizing.... This is supposed to put the image of Obama as a pedophile in the voters' minds. Nothing else. It is worthy of Hitler and Goebbels - they'd be mighty proud of McCain now.

John McCain needs to be a man and stand up and apologize to the American public for this ad. He should then fire his entire campaign staff and take himself out of the race. Nothing less will do.

Okay. Open fire!

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Nazz Nomad said...

The ONLY way the Democrats are going to win in November is to if they are just as vicious, deceitful and heinous in their attacks on McCain/Palin as the Repugnikkkans have been to Obama.

The time for classiness and being above those sort of tactics is long over.
This is for the future of the country and if blood must be spilled, the Dems better be prepared.