Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Really Rough Ride(r)

McCain is the one with all the foreign policy experience, right? That's what he's been telling us, right? come he doesn't know who the Prime Minister of Spain is? And why won't he talk to him? Does he still think we're at war with Spain?

I don't need to belabor this. Others have done it well already.

Honestly, John, your age is showing. This isn't pretty; pretty damn ugly, in fact. Get out now. You're embarrassing yourself and the nation. We don't need four more years of Presidential embarrassment.

Vote Obama!


Ariel said...

I just wanted to let you know that I re-uploaded the first "Cuts" disc for you; we'll see if that works. The new link is in the comments section of the Toy Love post. Also, I would be very grateful if you uploaded the Chris Knox album; thanks!

On an unrelated note, I was looking at your old blog the other day ("Time is a Disease...") and just wanted to tell you what an absolutely brilliant resource that was. Do you ever consider reviving it?

Ed said...

Hey, here's a quote from Ralph Nader, but I'm going to have to paraphrase from memory, since I'm too lazy to go and find it again: "Barack Obama is the most intelligent person ever to run for president in the history of this country." Seriously, Nader said that.

McCain just isn't very bright, which leads me to believe that he will be our next president. Even if Obama wins the election, I'm pretty sure our electoral system has been compromised to the point that McCain will still end up as our next president. Too many Americans don't want an intelligent president. They'd rather vote for an idiot. You know, someone to whom they can relate.

gomonkeygo said...

Ariel - Thanks! I'll check it out and see if it works now. Appreciate it. I'll get the Knox ripped and up ASAP, too.

The old Disease was fun, but I got really tired or having my files deleted by jerks who'd download it then narc on me to Rapidshare for putting up an OOP album. There goes the file!

I've been working on and off over at Lost-In-Tyme, reposting and putting up stuff I never got around to before. Did a big Tiny Lights post there recently that you might like.

Thanks for the nice words, too; much appreciated. It was fun but I think it's dead.

gomonkeygo said...

Ed - Didcha see Nader's panda soliloquy? Wow. Wow. Wow.

I voted for him in 2000. Fuck Gore.

Ed said...

I think I missed the Panda Soliloquy, but I have nothing but respect for Ralph Nader. The guy has spent his entire professional life (and we're talking something like four decades) working for "the little guy" and what does he get out of it? Hatred from the left, who ought to be thanking him. Thanks to Nader, my brother is alive today (seat belts and air bags - thank you Ralph). How many other people owe their lives to Nader, yet curse him for being a "spoiler?" It makes no sense. I wish I could vote for him this election, as he is the candidate that speaks most to my political views. Aside from his regard for Obama's intellect, he has some rather distressing things to say about Obama, in part based on the sources of Obama's money (credit card companies, as an example: not nice people). I also have some serious reservations about Obama's rhetoric about improving our schools. "Getting rid of bad teachers", "more charter schools" (can you say "public funding of private schools?"), etc, etc, etc. And there's more to be disturbed by, if you look at Obama with a critical eye. Unfortunately, I'm so frightened of a McCain presidency that, unless it looks like Obama is going to run away with Wisconsin, I don't think I can do other than vote Obama. In a perfect world...

Oops. I got a little carried away there. Sorry about that.

Nazz Nomad said...

Ralph Nader fucked this country when he siphoned votes from Gore in 2000. I hope he can live with the last 8 years of GWB.

Memphis said...

Al Gore couldnt even win his home state.I Cant/couldnt see the man as Pres.Our alternative was of course "W".Golly ,what a great thing that has been.The people crying about Nader just made me mad.People cant vote for who they want?Pepsi or Coke?"I'll have a 7-up please."Are you crazy"?....yes...very.....

gomonkeygo said...

I think losing the 2000 election is Gore's fault. He ran a shit campaign. As Mr. Memphis points out, he didn't even win his home state - because he couldn't be bothered to campaign there. And he distanced him so totally from Clinton that he ended up hurting himself severely.

The more I found out about Gore in 2000, the less I liked him. I found him incredibly hypocritical, especially about environmental issues. A goodly chunk of his family's forture comes from oil or mineral strip-mining. I remember reading several stories about the ecological ravaging of homelands of former indigenous tribes in South America who were routed from their homes by Gore's father's company. Al didn't like to talk about this.

Gore's own shady dealings with "fund raisers" convinced me then that he was just another tool and he was looking for a way to use us. Add that to my general inclination to vote third-party in almost any circumstance (except Libertarian!) and Nader was on obvious choice for me.

The "Nader Effect" mattered in three states - Ohio, Florida and New Hampshire. I think Gore could've had Ohio if he'd let Clinton stump for him there. Would've been a shoe-in. Florida was fucked so many ways its not funny anymore. And unless you live in New Hampshire, who cares. Where the hell is New Hampshire, anyway? (Midwestern anti-East Coast bias showing here).

With no Nader, would Gore have won? Or would the Nader voters stayed home or voted for some even more unlikely candidate? I dunno. I know people who now vote Republican that voted for Nader, seeing nothing in Bush they liked. It's a big what-if, for sure.

One of my biggest regrets is that we didn't get the energy from 2000 to invigorate a real third party to challenge the fucking monsters. I'll vote Democratic ticket straight this year, but I'll fucking hate doing it as much as I like Obama.

I dunno. Running out of steam here. Need coffee and morning chili.

Ed said...

Nazz Nomad: I must respectfully disagree with you. Even Al Gore says Nader is not responsible for his "loss" in the 2000 election. First of all, it's a well know fact that Gore won the election in 2000. It has been proven thanks to a little piece of legislation called the Freedom of Information Act. Guess who was instrumental in getting the Freedom of Information Act passed? Ralph Nader. Second, let's not forget that 12% of all Florida Democrats voted for Bush in 2000. Give those votes to Gore and he wins hands down. Be pissed-off at those Florida Democrats. Be pissed-off at Gore for running a crappy campaign. Be pissed-off at Gore for not insisting that every vote be counted. Most people who voted for Nader would have voted Socialist, Libertarian, Transexual Goat, etc, if they hadn't voted for Nader. They were people who were not going to vote for Gore, no matter what. Nader has done way more good for this country in his career than any single living person. Look at a list of his accomplishments. It's pretty impressive. I'd be proud of myself if I could claim 1% of them. The left needs to stop using Nader as a scapegoat and get their act together.