Monday, September 8, 2008

Saint Sarah and the Cult of Wassila

Well, I couldn't stay non-political for long. Not after watching this.

Sarah Palin is, quite frankly, a member of a cult. A chanting, screaming, speaking-in-tongues, supernatural power-believing, religious war-seeking Christian cult.

And she'll be a "heartbeat away" from the Presidency if John (Straight Lies) McCain gets elected.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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Ed said...

I can't believe people can be that stupid. The part with the woman singing "in tongues"... how can anyone witness that and not laugh in her face?

mrG said...

seems to me Sun Ra explained all this quite clearly during his time on our planet. Myth has power, even over Ed (who has his own myths I'm sure); it's easy to say "I'm immune" from the safety of your chair, not so easy when the group-think hits, and harder still when there are "spiritual masters" who know how to drive the Man machine for their own ends. Sun Ra was also very clear on the source and danger of their "god" myth, and spoke often about the antidote, and of the pathways to an Alter Destiny.

They called Sun Ra a lunatic, a charleton and a hoaxster, but I think we see now how America may soon be quite interested in what the angel from Saturn had tried to tell us about how to be human.

gomonkeygo said...

Nice comment; thanks for bringing Sonny into the mix! I may not agree with all your saying here, but I love it.

Driving the "Man machine" is an excellent way of putting it. Personally, I see this kind of "ritual" as manipulation. Whatever's happening in their heads is happening in their heads - it is not coming from an outside source, it is not an empowerment via supernatural blessing from above - and a strong personality or personalities is controlling the situation where this happens.

The Jesus Camp movie shows explicitly the type of manipulation that is used to get these people talking in tongues, feeling like the spirit is entering them etc. One thing I can't remember being in the film, but I've read in journalistic accounts of similar cults, is the extended food and sleep deprivation that usually goes hand in hand with these rituals. (One journalist I read spent time with the exact group filmed for the movie and wrote of this).

Cults. Cults. Cults. Just a step away from snake-handling. "Sorry, Homer. I was born a snake-handler and I'll die a snake-handler."

I've been many a time in the heart of mosh pits, dozens of swirling bodies barely connected to their minds, total group-think going on, moved by loud music and mutual desire. It's not a big leap from that - except for the constant conditioning, forced sleep deprivation and meager diets to keep the initiates weak - that cults like this practice.

I actually have a great deal of empathy for these people. They want something more, something beyond themselves, something to make them feel valid and worthwhile - something they don't get from their daily lives, evidently. But when a potentially powerful public leader starts to move to "within a heartbeat" of leadership over our supposedly non-theistic democracy and he or she comes from such a background, it has to be examined. Big questions have to be asked about the potential influence such would have on policy decisions. Given Palin's comments in this video, I think these questions need to be asked immediately.