Monday, September 22, 2008

Seeing Red (aka Fun With Your New Head)

This is from the "This Will Make Your Head Spin So Fast It Will Leave Your Body and Attain Orbit as an Independent Satellite of Planet Earth" Department.

CBS News made several inquiries over the course of two days to another campaign spokesperson asking for details on any practical experience Palin had with Russia. The spokesperson said that campaign staffers were gathering evidence related to trade issues, but no such information was disseminated.

A spokesperson at the governor's office in Juneau directed all inquiries to the McCain/Palin campaign. Told that the inquiry was related to Palin's role as the governor of Alaska - not as a vice presidential candidate - the spokesperson said that state ethics legislation required that all questions “fueled by the governor's candidacy” must be directed to the campaign. The spokesperson provided a phone number for a campaign spokeswoman Meg Stapleton. A phone message left on Stapleton's voicemail was not returned.

Take it in. Let it fill you with joy. Know that you have now witnessed the most incredible example of Orwellian double-thinking double-speaking bullshit in American political history.

See: According to the McCain-Palin campaign, she has the foreign policy experience necessary to be the next President of the United States because of her state's proximity to not just one but two other countries that are not the United States.

Why? Because if you stand on tiptoes on some Alaskan island, you can see some Russian island fifty miles away. Oh, and then there's Canada. Can't trust them either.

But: When questioned about this "experience" and how it pertains to her possible Vice Presidency, we are told that this is not a relevant question. Because it is about her time as Governor of Alaska. Not about her time as a VP candidate...

Whoa! The Earth now has several dozen new natural satellites. NASA - are you tracking this?

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Anonymous said...

hullo! i have been a huge music fan for the past 25 years but am relatively new to music blogs. your site has so much fantastic music. thank you for the time and effort you have put into this endeavor. you've posted a ton of my favorites: dream syndicate, feelies, television, syd barrett. do you have anything by the chills, straitjacket fits (circa 'blow'), sf seals, luna, bird nest roys, air miami, unrest? just curious. thanks again. --rm

gomonkeygo said...

RM - thanks for the comment! I have some Chills but last time I gave it listen it was skipping and had other problems. Nothing by any of the others. I've tried to get live Luna over the years but never with success. I'll dig up The Chills - maybe it can be salvaged or fixed. If so, you'll see it here.