Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Day Is This Again?

The Gun Club - Live at the Grugahalle, Essen, Germany (5/29/93)

Missed opportunities. Regrets. Otherwise known as, "Bands I missed."

X. The Cramps. Shockabilly. The Feelies (in '84). Thin White Rope. Snakefinger. Savage Republic.

And The Gun Club. Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid!

RIP Jeffrey Lee - "Cleopatra dreams on!"

Buy shit!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool; I can't wait to hear this. I just turned a co-worker on to the genius of Jeffrey Lee recently.

Nazz Nomad said...

My quick Shockabilly story...

Me and my buddy seeing them at the Pyramid Club on the lower east side 'round 1983 or 4 or 5.
Having Shockabilly melt our minds and as we're walking out, my buddy finds on the stage (or what was considered the stage) one of those vials with the spoon attached fully loaded with white powder.
Needless to say, we got very little sleep that nite.
Thanks alot Shockabilly!

And an even quicker Cramps story. The nite they recorded "Smell Of Female" at the Peppermint Lounge, Lux kicked another friend of mine in the face while belting out Psychotic Reaction.

Now you know why McCain didn't choose ME for Veep!

Ed said...

I saw X once (Headliner's, Madison). I wasn't particularly impressed, although I later found out that Exene was pregnant with Viggo Mortenson's child at the time. A-SFB opened for Snakefinger, I think it was at Merlyn's, although it might have been O'Cayz. He and his band were very good. I saw Thin White Rope at O'Cayz. They were freaking awesome. I've never seen the rest on your list.

By the way, you mentioned the possibility of early Genesis boots - that would be very cool.

Anonymous said...

heya, re: snakefinger, I was lucky enough to play in a band that warmed up for him in mpls MN, about 3 mnths before he died. Had seen him twice before that, and revered all things Ralph for many years before that. So, it was a godhead experience, and the vestal virgins were a bunch of real friendly gentlemen. Johnny Ryan watched me intently for our entire set, and afterwards said I blew him away - which was extremely kind of him, and really helped my confidence as a young kid drummer at the time. Philip commented that our band "was going straight to the bottom, just like me!" :^) What a shock to learn he was gone so shortly after that.

Anonymous said...

sheesh, by the way ... great site! Thanks for the primo sets, so much good stuff on here it's hard to know where to start.

gomonkeygo said...

Hey to everyone who stopped by and commented - thanks much!

To Ed - I didn't even know Snakefinger was at Merlyn's - I missed him years later at O'Cayz. And the X at Headliner's show is the one I had free tickets to but didn't go to. I lament this somewhere earlier in this blog. Probably the X post.

I'll get to digging around and find those Genesis boots for ya, Ed. I'd get right on it now, but a migraine has come upon me. Not a nice day.

Unca Si said...

And yet another personal anecdote to cheer you up: Remember that little whoopsie at the Republican Convention, where some anonymous AV jackass wanted to show Walter Reed Medical Center in back of John McCrackhead, and a picture of Walter Reed Middle School appeared instead? Well, that school was the very Junior High School (as they called it in those days) of JD Bonebrake, fabulous drummer of X! I was there with him, though a year behind. I'm pretty sure Ken Weatherwax (Pugsly, on The Addams Family, was there too).

daniel said...

Thank you !!!Have you other Gun Club's bootlegs ????

gomonkeygo said...

Yeah, I've got more. I'll try and get some up. The Gun Club bootleg discography is insane and trying to figure it out causes seizures.

daniel said...

It would be very nice from you . Indeed I'm a huge gun club's fan as you can read here : http://next.musicblog.fr/279569/Pourquoi-il-faut-redecouvrir-Gun-Club/

or here :
and almost anywhere in my blog .
I recently bought this DVD realised by a frnech musician who personnaly knex Jeffrey Lee Pierce ( it can be bought here : http://next.musicblog.fr/895216/Henri-Jean-Debon-a-propos-de-Jeffrey-Lee-Pierce/).
So I think you'll understand why I search for Gn Club's bootlegs ..
Have a nice day !

daniel said...

So , no other Gun Club's bootlegs ? ( Sorry to be so insistant - and for my bad english ...).

Bedazzler said...

Great Blog - I saw Snakefinger @ O'Cayz with Frightwig. Saw X and The Replacements @ Headliners about 3 times on the More Fun In The New World Tour (One of those was in San Francisco...can't remember who opened...Long Ryders maybe?)...X does pretty good on there "reunion" shows - Definitely still worth seeing. Feelies opening for Lou Reed in Milwaukee on the New York tour. Thin White Rope (I think) at The Odd Rock

Anonymous said...

To all the gonzos who saw someone on your list I'd like to say I saw someone once but who they were escapes me.

gomonkeygo said...

Yeah, that was a great show!!

whsonic said...

does anyone know the running order of the songs?
(weel, "introduction" could be number 1)

whsonic said...

oops, I just found out that there is a running order when you open all the files in itunes.
1- introduction / 2- A House Is.. / 3-Another Country's.. / 4-Kamata.. / 5-..Mountain / 6- Lupita / 7- Thunderhead / 8-goodbye johnny.