Sunday, September 14, 2008

North to Alaska!

The biggest political protest in Alaskan history took place this weekend folks - against their beloved Governor Sarah Palin!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! The numbers are in, it looks huge, yes we have confirmation - 1500 people showed up!

Huh? 1500? WTF?

Actually, that's not bad. It was raining and this is Alaska. They don't even have a million people in the whole dang state. Putting 1500 of them in one place probably raised the ambient temperature by several degrees too. Could even have tilted the Earth's axis slightly.

I'm only teasing, kids. I'd have been there if I'd have been there. Know what I mean? I did go out and protest against the invasion of Iraq before the invasion, me and missus gomonkeygo and lil' gomonkeygoboy. Had homemade signs and everything. In the middle of a freakin' blizzard of snow, sleet, wind and bitter cold, marching down our Main Street (yeah, we got a Main Street!) and getting honks from passing drivers. So I got sympathies for these folks out in the rain, though some of them in the pictures are wearing shorts.

I'm thinking and hoping that we're going to see more of this kind of stuff. Decent people taking to the streets to raise their voices in protest and in proud reclamation of our American political heritage, of the right to have a dissenting voice. (Some bastards up North tried to derail the show, sending phony faxes and making anonymous phone calls to the media announcing that the the protest was cancelled. Real Americans, they is.)

Last week in Philadelphia, for instance, McCain was drowned out by the spontaneous actions of Obama supporters when he was talking to one of his HUGE rallies (six local bidness-women in a deli - that's all he can pull without Palin in tow). Lots of people have called this rudeness; I call it political theater and I think we need more of it. My favorite piece of political theater was the MoveOn ad about General Betrayus. I wish I had a copy of that framed on my wall. It was beautiful!

And so are the people of Alaska who want their voices heard. Kudos, northern buddies, kudos!

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Anonymous said...

Hear that? ...crickets chirping

gomonkeygo said...

Not following you.

Do you mean that nobody cares because nobody has commented - except you. Or that the media doesn't care about this because it didn't make a "media cycle"? Or that you like crickets? Because this has been a record summer in the midwest for those ugly buggers - they're everywhere and we're sick of them!